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My name is Patricia and I am a Web Developer.
I have completed Full-time Code Immersion.
I have completed Web Design Circuit.
I am passionate about Web Development and Design.

I have a bachelor's degree in Computer Science
and am completing my master's degree in
Information Technology at the Illinois Institute of Technology.
I have completed Web Design
courses at DePaul, Richland College,
and General Assembly. I have
completed WordPress coursework
at Richland College and Skillcrush.
Let me show you!!!!


I offer mobile first, responsive designs on all my websites.


Your users won't wait for your page to load. I will make sure they don't have to.


I use the latest coding standards for HTML5 and CSS3.

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HTML Website Converted to WordPress

HTML Website from https://html5up.net/ converted to WordPress using Underscores Custom Theme.

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Fake News Website

Fake News Website made using Bootstrap Framework. Website is Responsive and Customized.

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JQuery Tabs for BMI

Website that computes BMI in metric and imperial measurements.

Honorable Mention

Norbert In Bed

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